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Wireless Carplay Android Auto Retrofit Kit interface for Audi

Wireless Carplay Android Auto Retrofit Kit interface for Audi

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There are many Audi models, please contact customer service before ordering.

【Audi Wireless Carplay Android Auto】Upgrade your car's interior with a system that is completely hidden behind the center unit, giving your car wireless Carplay, Android Auto and Mirrorlink for a better driving experience. Whether your MMI system is factory equipped with navigation, phone module or Bluetooth, whether it's Apple Maps, Spotify, making/receiving calls or replying to text messages using siri, the system fully supports Apple system and phone functions.
【Support Car Buttons and Steering Wheel Controls】This amazing kit adds full Carplay functionality to your existing MMI while retaining all original features.Carplay and Android Auto systems support buttons and steering wheel controls.
【Camera & Rearview Mirror Link】Support factory reverse camera and reverse radar; Support aftermarket reverse camera and 360 degree camera; Support front view camera DVR (CVBS input). The camera will work automatically when you place it in reverse.Airplay (for iPhone) and AutoLink (for Android), support watching YouTube, TV news, photos, navigation and HD videos.

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Customer Reviews

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t goes well. It came in 5 days of delivery. 2014 is the A6 HNR version and it's a full Jack-by-Jack. You have nothing to do with anything. The tool is with a small single driver Plastic Hera. It can be 8 times in advance with a box egg and a cable tie and a zipper. 1. Plastic Hera on both sides of the air conditioner panel and slip out. 2. There is one 8 in advance at the bottom of the deck, which can be seen by subtracting the air conditioner. If you unwind and get it down, you're missing audio. 3. Plug the module can communication line into the "air conditioner", plug the power line into the audio, and plug the WiFi antenna into the module Plug in the USB extension cable and clean up the line in the right place .. Then it's over. The WiFi antenna doesn't have to look at the sky. You can't see only the iron area, but stick it with tape on both sides. 4. You need to view the manual and set the jumper switch. Do you have info button on car type, screen size, audio. It's whether. If this goes wrong, it will malfunction. If you change the jumper settings, you must completely turn it off and on. 5. After booting up, I turned on the rear camera in the system settings. It's a bad touch. The original line on the deck side and the part where the new line is plugged are not in contact. Pins slightly, and I 've got them on. It was all mounted and about an hour of test drive. Andauto, Apple car playda tested with wireless and it goes well. It just kind of breaks the sound of the tee map. The audio sound is pretty decent.

Eric Neidert
Audi 2011 S4 B8 Carplay Retrofit

Flawless installation after watching a few You Tube videos. 1.5 hours of, removing radio, unplugging connectors, plugging in the CarPlay module. Hardest part was getting the wires back into the dash. Needed the AMI aux cable to get audio fully working. Connects automatically on startup just like my newer vehicles. Added some new tech to an otherwise super fun car. Couldn’t be happier.

Christophe GARCIA
Carplay for Audi A4 B8

Good product, easy to install even in the absence of car-specific documentation


Everything perfect, seller very available, the CarPlay works smoothly and connects immediately wirelessly, tested on Audi S8, I will buy again from this seller!


The response was very firm and I was relieved. It was good to install, but I was worried that the screen could not be reflected, but when I contacted it, the screen was reflected safely with the support of quick response, I can also set and I am very satisfied. It's a great shop!