Q:Having trouble finding the Bluetooth or WiFi on your dongle?

A:Try the dongle with a different iPhone. If one iPhone can't connect, reset its network and Bluetooth settings, then restart it. If the same issue occurs on other iPhones, the unit may be defective. Please let us know for assistance.


Q:Cannot automatically reconnect?

A:In some cars, we need to select 'automatic connection' in the CarPlay settings to use the dongle's auto-connect function.


Q:Experiencing car screen freeze, pairing failure, or device recognition issues?

A:Please provide your car model and we'll send a firmware update for you to try.


Q:Can the adapter pair with multiple phones?

A:The dongle can be paired with multiple iPhones, but only one device can be connected at a time. Note that the dongle's Bluetooth function defaults to auto-connecting with the last used iPhone.


Q:Why does the Carplay keep disconnecting repeatedly?

A:Carplay may disconnect repeatedly due to conflicts between Bluetooth records of the original car and the Box. To fix this, clear Bluetooth records of both the car and your phone. Wait a few minutes before reconnecting.