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Carplay Android Auto Adapter USB HUB for Mazda

Carplay Android Auto Adapter USB HUB for Mazda

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√ Plug and play, keep the original car screen
√ Apple carplay +Android auto
√ Support the original car system to support the original car button control.
√ Support telephone, online navigation, online music, voice control, USB media playback, mirror screen and more.
√ Original manufacturer and production


This carplay Adapter is suitable for

MX-5 2016-2020

CX-3 2016 -2019

CX-5 2015 -2020

CX-9 2016 -2020

Mazda 2 2016 -2019

Mazda 3 2014-2018

Mazda 6 2016-2020

FIAT 124 2017-2021

If your car does not have an MZD connection device, it will not work. (The replacement part number is TK78-66-9U0C K1414 00008FZ34)


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About this item

  • Wired Carplay/Android Auto:The Carplay/Android Auto adapter can add carplay functionality to your car,allows you to access map navigation, phone contacts, email, notifications, music and more with the help of an intelligent voice assistant. While keeping your hands free, realize completely safe driving operation.
  • Wide compatibility:Suitable for MX-5 2016-2020/CX-3 2016 -2019/CX-5 2015 -2020/CX-9 2016 -2020/fits 2 2016 -2019/fits Mazda 3 2014-2018/fits Mazda 6 2016-2020/fits FIAT 124 2017-2021. If your car does not have an MZD connection device, it will not work. (The replacement part number is TK78-66-9U0C K1414 00008FZ34)
  • Support Original Car Function:This wired Carplay/Android Auto adapter supports your original car knob controls and your original steering wheel button controls, allowing you to operate without leaving the steering wheel. Making your driving safer
  • Notes:If the software is not v70.00.021 or higher, you need to upgrade the firmware before starting the installation. If you use an older version of the CMU software, the CarPlay/Android Auto compatible USB hub may not be recognized. Before upgrading the firmware, you should remove the SD card and insert it after the upgrade is complete, otherwise GPS or navigation will not work properly.
  • Committed to sales Support:Provides a One-Year global warranty and LIFETIME Technical Service Support. We are always here to assist you. For any questions or issues with your product, contact us via Amazon Email for reliable ONLINE TECHNICAL SUPPORT.
  • MCU firmware update file, video link installation guide
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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

Works well and allows me to use CarPlay or Android Auto with my Mazda. It was an absolute nightmare to install the hardware, and I don't think I would have been able to do it without my friend who cut up his arm pretty good. It's mostly just a hassle to try and remove the current USB ports. We ended up having to use pry tools onto 4 pins and ripping the USB hub out by pulling it from the front with pliers and steel trim remover tools. I was okay with destroying it because I had the replacement... I guess if it didn't work, I'd be pretty upset though lol.

Saved a lot of money vs getting this done at the dealership. FYI the software needed to update your head unit prior to the installation is not available from Mazda online and they require you to go to the dealership and most likely pay them to update your software. I was able to find it on r/mazda so there is that factor to consider. I think the seller may help you if you contact them, I never go to that point though.

Joshua D Weaver

Was fairly easy if mechanically inlined to follow YouTube instructions. As mentioned, be sure to update your firmware, overall very pleased. Awesome upgrade!

Bill Bob

5.0 out of 5 stars I like it! Great fit. Easy install IF you watch a good youtube video and pay attention. It’s all in the dismantling. Once that is complete it’s basic 3 plugs to attach then reverse the procedure to put it back together again.
It took me about 1 hour.. and I am a grannie in my 70’s.

Josh Petit

Got it just today. The install took about 35-45 minutes on my 2017 Mazda 3 hatchback. **UPGRADE YOUR FIRMWARE FIRST THEN INSTALL** Search YouTube for video on this.No need to disassemble your entire center console. There is a great video on YouTube showing you how to remove the old unit with just a flat head screwdriver. Tip, use the flathead to press down on the tabs while pushing with your free hand from behind (access through the glove compartment). This will loosen it enough to pry it out.PS - Touchscreen does not work with AA (apparently does with Car Play), but voice and dial work fine. Will provide update after a week of use.

NorCal Mike

Bought for my son who has a strong go for it approach to this sort of project. Online video’s are essential and requires significant disassembly of dash and center console. He had to update his car’s entertainment firmware before installing. Seller was able to provide link to updated firmware. Total of 3 hours were required, but once installed, works great. Good value for the capable DIY’er. Son is very satisfied.