Why Linux Carplay screens are a better option?

Linux screens have several advantages over Android screens:

  1. Faster boot time: Linux systems are generally lighter weight, allowing for quicker boot times. This is crucial for applications where immediate navigation is required, enabling users to start using the navigation function more rapidly.

  2. Lower cost: Linux systems are often open-source, eliminating the need for expensive licensing fees. This makes it cheaper for device manufacturers and businesses to produce and purchase navigation screen devices, reducing deployment and usage costs.

  3. Simplicity and security: Linux systems typically prioritize security and, due to their open-source nature, undergo more code review, making it easier to discover and fix security vulnerabilities. Additionally, Linux systems are usually more streamlined, reducing unnecessary features and services, thus decreasing the likelihood of issues arising.

Overall, these advantages make Linux screens more suitable for specific applications, especially those with high demands for boot speed, cost-effectiveness, and security.

Here's the difference between a Linux screen, an Android screen, and Caplay box module

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